Unit 69. Countable and uncountable 1

Unit 69- Part A


A noun can be countable or uncountable:

Unit 69- Part B


You can use a/an with singular countable nouns:
a beach    a student    an umbrella
You cannot normally use a/an with uncountable nouns. We do not say ‘a sand’.
‘a music’, ‘a rice’.
But you can often use a … of. For example:
a bowl / a packet / a grain  of rice
You cannot use singular countable nouns alone (without a/the/my etc.):
   I want a banana.  (not I want banana)
   There’s been an accident.  (not There’s been accident)
You can use plural countable nouns alone:       
   I like bananas.  (= bananas in general)       
   Accidents can be prevented.     
You can use uncountable nouns alone (without the/my/some etc.): 
   I eat rice every day.
   There’s blood on your shirt.   
   Can you hear music?

Unit 69- Part C


You can use some and any with plural countable nouns:
•     We sang some songs.   
•     Did you buy any apples?
You can use some and any with uncountable nouns:
•     We listened to some music.
•     Did you buy any apple juice?

We use many and few with plural countable nouns:

•     We didn’t take many photographs.
•     I have a few things to do.
We use much and little with uncountable nouns:
•     We didn’t do much shopping.
•     I have a little work to do.


{slide=1 Correct the sentences where necessary.}flag.jpgSome of these sentences need a/an. Correct the sentences where necessary.
{tooltip}Key.{end-link}3    We went to a very nice restaurant …
4    OK
5    I use a toothbrush …
6    … if there’s a bank near here? …
7    for an insurance company
8    OK
9    OK
10  … we stayed in a big hotel.
11  … I hope we come to a petrol station soon.
12  … I have a problem.
13  … It’s a very interesting idea.
14  John has got an interview for a job tomorrow.
15  … It’s a good game.
16  OK
17  Jane was wearing a beautiful necklace.{end-tooltip}

1    Joe goes everywhere by bike. He has got car.
2    Helen was listening to music when I arrived.
3    We went to very nice restaurant last weekend.       
4    I clean my teeth with toothpaste.       
5    I use toothbrush to clean my teeth.       
6    Can you tell me if there’s bank near here?       
7    My brother works for insurance company in London.   
8    I don’t like violence.       
9    Can you smell paint?       
10  When we were in Rome, we stayed in big hotel.       
11  We need petrol. I hope we come to petrol station soon.
12  I wonder if you can help me. I have problem.       
13  I like your suggestion. It’s very interesting idea.       
14  John has got interview for job tomorrow.       
15  I like volleyball. It’s good game.       
16  Liz doesn’t usually wear jewellery.       
17  Jane was wearing beautiful necklace.
He hasn’t got a car.

{/slide} {slide=2 Complete the sentences using the following words.}flag.jpgComplete the sentences using the following words. Use a/an where necessary.
{tooltip}Key.{end-link}3    a key
4    a coat
5    sugar
6    a biscuit
7    electricity
8    an interview
9    blood
10  a question
11  a moment
12  a decision{end-tooltip}

{xtypo_rounded3}accident     biscuit      blood         coat       decision       electricity
interview     key          moment     music     question      sugar {/xtypo_rounded3}

1    It wasn’t your fault. It was   an accident.   
2    Listen! Can you hear   music?   
3    I couldn’t get into the house because I didn’t have ______________.
4    It’s very warm today. Why are you wearing ______________?
5    Do you take ______________ in your coffee?
6    Are you hungry? Would you like ______________ with your coffee?
7    Our lives would be very difficult without ______________.
8    ‘I had ______________ for a job yesterday.’    ‘Did you? How did it go?’
9    The heart pumps ______________ through the body.
10  Excuse me, but can I ask you ______________?
11  I’m not ready yet. Can you wait ______________, please?
12  We can’t delay much longer. We have to make ______________ soon. {/slide} {slide=3 Complete the sentences using the following words}flag.jpgComplete the sentences using the following words. Sometimes the word needs to be plural (-s), and sometimes you need to use a/an.
{tooltip}Key.{end-link}2    days
3    meat
4    a queue
5    letters
6    friends
7    people
8    air
9    patience
10  an umbrella
11  languages
12  space{end-tooltip}

{xtypo_rounded3}air               day          friend             language     letter       meat
patience      people      photograph     queue         space     umbrella {/xtypo_rounded3}

1    I had my camera, but I didn’t take any   photographs.  
2    There are seven _____________ in a week.
3    A vegetarian is a person who doesn’t eat _____________.
4    Outside the cinema there was _____________ of people waiting to see the film.
5    I’m not very good at writing _____________.
6    Last night I went out with some _____________ of mine.
7    There were very few _____________ in town today. The streets were almost empty.
8    I’m going out for a walk. I need some fresh _____________.
9    Gary always wants things quickly. He hasn’t got much _____________.
10  I think it’s going to rain. Do you have _____________ I could borrow?
11  Do you speak any foreign _____________?
12  Our flat is very small. We haven’t got much _____________. {/slide}

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