Ваулина 5. Модуль 1. Уголок переводчика

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Как по-английски:
Timetable, English and History, PE and Science, mathematical lesson, a book and a notebook, a ruler and a pencil, favourite lesson, days of the week, a teacher of Music, lunch break.
Переведите предложения на английский язык.
1. The maths lesson is in Room 16.
2. My favourite day of the week is Saturday.
3. How old is Tom? — 10.
4. I’m 12. And you?
5. His name is Sasha. He studies in class 5.
6. John and Bill are friends. They are new to class 4A.
7. Is it a pencil? — No, it isn’t. It’s a pen.
8. My favourite teacher is Anna Ivanovna. She is a teacher of Russian.
9. What’s his name? What class is he in?
10. What subjects does he study? What’s his favourite subject? Who’s his favourite teacher?
11. Where is the English lesson?
Переведите диалог.
— Hello! My name is Mary Green.
— Hello! I’m Tanya Petrova.
— How old are you, Tanya?
— 11. And you, Mary?
— I’m 11 too.
— Nice to meet you.
— Nice to meet you too! Let’s go together to the Music lesson!
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