Ваулина 5. Модуль 10. Уголок переводчика

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Как по-английски:
Activity holiday, extreme kinds of sport, to book tickets, to camp, to fill in a card, wonderful pool, to spend a holiday with the family, boring film, dangerous trip, new airoport, difficult question, reasonable prices, high temperature, to visit a castle, to win a match.
Переведите предложения на английский язык.
1. I would like to go to Africa and see exotic animals in wild life.
2. Can I park the car here?
3. You can’t camp here. It’s dangerous.
4. Can I take a picture of this flower??
5. I like fishing. It’s a very relaxing activity. — Really? And I think that it’s a very boring activity.
6. Let’s go swimming! — Excuse me, I’m tired. Better I will sunbathe.
7. — I think my brother will be a vet. He likes animals very much.
8. I’m sure you would like this new book about interesting journeys around America.
9. What’s the matter with Tanya? — She has a toothache. — She must go to the doctor. — I think she will go to the doctor today after school.
Переведите ситуацию.
Dear Natasha!
Our regards from sunny Sochi! All our family are having an excellent rest here and we don’t want to leave. The weather is wonderful! The sun is shining, absolutely no rain. It’s hot. We spend mornings on the beach. We lie in the sun and bathe. The water is blue and very warm — I can swim the whole day. Sometimes I and my father go windserfing or waterskiing. This is great! In the afternoon we have lunch in a small restaurant in a park near the sea. There is a good sport centre in our holiday camp. In the evening we play volleyball and tennis. I take a lot of pictures. I will show the pictures to you when we come back. I’m sure you’re having good time in the camp and you’re not bored. I hope, that next summer holidays we’ll spend together.
Good-bye, Yulya.
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