Ваулина 5. Модуль 2. Грамматика (практика)

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Посмотрите на таблицу и напишите предложения по образцу.
1. Batman has got a super car and a cloak but he hasn’t got a ring, a ring, a magic wand or a bow.
2. Harry Potter has got a cloak and a magic wand but he hasn’t got a super car, a ring or a bow.
3. Robin Hood and Batman have got a cloak but they haven’t got a ring and a magic wand.
4. Frodo has got a cloak and a ring but he hasn’t got a super car, a magic wand or a bow.
Вставьте have, has, затем ответьте на вопросы.
1. have;
2. have;
3. have;
4. has;
5. has.
Напишите во множественном числе.
1. children;
2. tomatoes;
3. brushes;
4. feet;
5. ladies;
6. toys;
7. foxes;
8. leaves;
9. teeth;
10. caps.
Напишите предложения по образцу.
1. This is a camera.
2. These are books.
3. These are helmets.
4. This is a doll.
5. This is a guitar.
6. These are trainers.
7. This is a cap.
8. This is a mug.
9. These are coins.
10. These are stamps.
Напишите во множественном числе.
1. The children have got basketballs.
2. The women have got pink scarves.
3. These buses are blue.
4. The men are doctors.
5. My friends are Russian.
6. Superheroes have got special powers.
7. We have got toy mice.
8. They have got digital cameras.
9. These are helmets and those are watches.
Задайте вопросы к этим ответам.
1. Where is Jim Carry from?
2. Have you got a teddy bear on your bed?
3. How old is Nancy?
4. Has Mary got a big collection?
Исправьте ошибки.
1. Peter hasn’t got a red cap.
2. The children have got bicycles.
3. Those are digital cameras.
4. These are new cars over there!
5. Tom and Susan are from Canada.
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