Ваулина 5. Модуль 3. Уголок переводчика

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Как по-английски:
Eight floors, on the ninth floor, in the living-room, in the bathroom, in front of the table, next to the wardrobe, behind the armchair, in the refrigerator, on the wall, a famous picture, the garden in front of the house, a block of flats, her desk, my bed, your wardrobe, his favourite armchair, our small flat, white cooker.
Переведите предложения на английский язык.
1. What does your new flat look like? On what floor is it?
2. Is there a cooker? — Yes.
3. How many rooms are there in the flat? — Two.
4. Look! There’s no TV set in the bedroom.
5. His flat is on the third floor. — Great!
6. Is there a carpet in the new living-room? — Yes, on the floor.
7. This is our beautiful house. Let’s come in!
8. Next to the bedroom there is a bathroom. There is a small mirror above the sink.
Переведите ситуации.
1. My name is Sasha. I’m from Russia. We have got a nice flat on the seventh floor in a block of flats. There are three rooms in the flat. My favourite room is bedroom. It is small. The walls are yellow. There is a sofa, an armchair, two chairs and a desk with a computer in the bedroom. The desk is near the window. The sofa and the armchair are near the wall, they are orange. There is a big poster on the wall. This is my favourite famous cinema hero — Spider-man. His name is Peter Parker. I’ve got a lot of books. They are in the bookcase in the hall.
2. There is a beautiful villa in front of us. There are eight rooms in it. There is a living-room on the ground floor. It is very large. There is a fireplace and six armchairs in it. The living-room is blue. There are beautiful paintings on the wall. There are big windows in the rooms. There are four bedrooms and four bathrooms on the first floor. The kitchen is big. It is on the ground floor. There is a huge cooker, a refrigerator, a table and chairs in the kitchen. In front of the villa there is a beautiful small garden.
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