Ваулина 5. Модуль 4. Уголок переводчика

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Как по-английски:
to play the piano, to speak French, to play computer games, to cook the food, to speak five languages, to be a teacher of music, to look at the picture, to stand up, to sit down, to meet someone.
Переведите предложения на английский язык.
1. Му birthday is on 15 September.
2. What’s his name? — Peter. What is he like? — He’s kind, friendly and very nice.
3. He’s eleven. He speaks English and French.
4. This is my grandfather. He is seventy-two.
5. My brother is two. He’s very funny,
6. Vanya’s hobby is playing the guitar.
7. How old is your sister? — Ten.
8. Who is Peter? — He’s my brother.
9. Who’s Anya’s father? — His name is Michael. He’s a pilot.
10. Whose daughter is Anya? — Michael and Svetlana’s.
Переведите ситуации.
1. Olga is 10. She is a tall girl, slim and beautiful. She has got big dark eyes and long fair hair. Olya is kind and friendly. She’s very clever. She can play the piano and write poems. She has got two sisters. Lena is 13. She speaks two languages, English and French. Masha’s 8. The younger sister is noisy and funny. She sings and dances.
2. We’ve got a big family. My mother is a teacher. She’s 35. She’s tali, with dark hair and very beautiful. Mother is kind and clever. She can cook well. My father is 40. He’s tall and slim. Father can play the guitar and the piano. He’s the great friend. My brother is 15. He’s big and strong. His name is Dima. He likes drawing and computer games. My grandmother is 65 and grandfather is 70. They are very nice.
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