Ваулина 5. Модуль 4b

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а) Закончите диаграмму.
Small; old; nose; plum.
Расставьте слова в правильном порядке.
1. Don’t play the piano, please.
2. Come and meet him.
3. Look at that girl over there.
4. Don’t close the door, please.
5. Be quiet, please.
Напишите предложения по образцу.
1. This is Mary’s bicycle.
2. This is Tom’s mother.
3. This is the boys’ ball.
4. This is John’s house.
5. This is Sue’s sister.
6. This is the women’s car.
Закончите диалоги, используя данные предложения.
1. A: Has she got any brothers?
В: No, she hasn’t.
2. A: How old is he?
B: He’s eleven.
3. A: What’s her name?
B: Katey.
4. A: Where’s he from?
B: He’s from Spain.
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