Ваулина 5. Модуль 8. Уголок переводчика

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Как по-английски:
To celebrate, to decorate the room, to exchange the presents, to prepare a favourite dish, favourite holiday, to choose fruit, to make sandwiches, to bring vegetables, to forget the rules, to cut potatoes.
Переведите предложения на английский язык.
1. What about ice-cream?
2. Would you like to eat some soup? — With pleasure.
3. Have good appetite. — Thank you.
4. Let’s have a family dinner. — That’s a good idea!
5. Bring the flowers, please.
6. Do we have strawberries? — Let’s see in the refrigerator.
7. I like biscuits and chocolate.
8. I usually make a celebration on my birthday.
9. Buy a carton of milk.
10. Bring, please, some grapes and cherries. — OK.
Переведите ситуации и диалоги на английский язык.
1. Му favourite holiday is New Year. We decorate the flat, put on nice clothes and exchange presents. Mum cooks something special for dinner for the whole family. We like a chicken and rice with vegetables. Dad buys a pineapple and oranges, and Grandma makes a special cake. In our country December and January are cold months. We don’t have parades in the streets, but we set off fireworks.
2. — How about eggs and sausages for breakfast? — Wonderful. I like sausages. And have we got any cheese? — Look in the refrigerator. — There is some. I like bread with cheese and butter. Make the tea, please.
3. — Masha, go to the shop, please. — OK, Mum. Let’s make a list of things I need to buy. — We have no cabbage and carrot for soup. And buy some tomatoes and onion. — Can I buy some biscuits? — Yes, buy some biscuits and bread.
4. My sister always makes a celebration on her birthday. We decorate her room with baloons. Her friends bring presents. Mother makes a birthday pie. I buy ice-cream and strawberry. We sing, dance, play games. It’s fun!
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