Ваулина 5. Модуль 8b

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Вставьте: loaf, box, bottle, glass, carton, bowl.
1. box;
2. loaf;
3. bottle;
4. carton;
5. bowl;
6. glass.
Прочитайте текст и вставьте в пропуски нужное слово.
1. а;
2. lot;
3. it;
4. and;
5. in.
Задайте вопросы со словами how. much / how many. Ответьте на них.
1. How much water is there in the bottle? — Not much.
2. How many apples are there in the fridge? — Not many.
3. How many eggs in the fridge? — Not many.
4. How much sugar in the pot? — Not much.
5. How much milk in the fridge? — Not much.
6. How many in the box? — Not many.
Вставьте some, any, much, many.
A: I’d like 1) some milk, please.
B: How 2) much do you want?
A: A glass, please. Have you got any crisps?
B: Of course. How 3) many packets do you want? A: Two, please.
A: We need 1) some pizzas for the party.
B: Good idea. How 2) many do we need for twelve people?
A: Four large ones. We need 3) some burgers too. В: I think twelve are OK. Have we got 4) any lemonade?
A: Yes, there’s 5) some in the fridge.
B: How 6) many bottles are there?
A: Six.
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