Ваулина 5. Учебник. Модуль 10. Дополнительное чтение 10

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Соедините правила из буклета с причинами. Составьте предложения.
1. You must take a whistle and a compass. Then you won’t get lost.
2. You must pack some warm clothes. Then you won’t be cold at night.
3. You must only drink bottled water. Then you won’t have stomach problems with water from rivers and streams.
4. You mustn’t light matches inside the tent. Then you won’t start a fire.
5. You must pack food in containers. Then you animals won’t come close.
6. You must take your rubbish home with you. Then the countryside won’t be full of litter.
7. You must know about the wild animals that live there! Then you won’t be in danger.
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