Ваулина 5. Учебник. Модуль 7. Тест 7

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Напишите названия времен года. Какое сейчас время года?
1. summer;
2. winter;
3. spring;
4. autumn.
Вычеркните лишнее слово.
1. leaves;
2. scarf;
3. caps;
4. Alaska.
Заполните пропуски правильным словом.
1. A: What is the weather like in Edinburgh today?
B: It’s very hot and sunny.
2. A: How do I look in this jumper?
B: You look lovely. It suits you perfectly.
Запишите предложения, используя Present Simple или Present Continuous.
1. Usually she wears trainers but today she is wearing high heels.
2. He usually watches TV but today he’s reading a book.
3. They usually wear blue shirts but today they are wearing green ones.
4. We usually go swimming but today we are having a picnic.
Закончите предложения, используя правильную форму глагола в скобках.
1. I don’t want to go out tonight as I’m studying for a test at the moment.
2. My brother plays football every Sunday but this Sunday he’s going camping.
3. Rose is talking to that French tourist at the moment. She speaks French well.
4. Tom is watching a film on television now. He doesn’t do this often.
Используйте подсказки, чтобы закончить диалог.
A: Good morning, madam. How can I help you?
B: I’m looking for a skirt, please.
A: The skirts are here. What size are you?
B: I’m a 12.1 like this one. How much is it?
A: It’s ?4.
B: Thanks, I’ll take it.
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