Ваулина, 6. Модуль 2. Рабочая тетрадь. Практикуемся в грамматике

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Вставьте: at, in, on.
1. at;
2. in;
3. in;
4. on;
5. at.
Вставьте some или any.
1. some;
2. any;
3. any;
4. some;
5. some.
Вставьте: in, in front of, between, under, on, opposite.
1. in front of;
2. in;
3. opposite;
4. between;
5. on;
6. under.
Посмотрите на картинку и используйте подсказки, чтобы задать вопросы и ответить на них, как в примере.
2. Are there any boys in the picture?
Yes, there is one boy.
3. Are there any trees in the picture?
Yes, there are.
4. Are there any cars in the picture?
No, there aren’t.
5. Are there any dogs in the picture?
Yes, there is one dog.
6. Are there any cats in the picture?
No, there aren’t.
Заполните пропуски с помощью: it is, there is, they are, there are.
1. There is, It is
2. There are, They are
3. There are, They are
4. There is, It is
Используйте some или any и подсказки ниже, чтобы дополнить предложения.
1. some bread;
2. any eggs;
3. some pictures;
4. any students.
Посмотрите на дневник Фионы на следующую неделю и дополните предложения. Используйте подсказки.
1. on Monday;
2. on October 22nd;
3. at 8 o’clock;
4. in the morning;
5. at the weekend.
а) Как будет по-английски:
to invite smb to a/one’s birthday party;
one’s 13th birthday;
their favourite day of the week;
in our new dining room;
my sister’s bedroom;
our uncle’s study;
the first spring month;
the baker’s; the newsagent’s;
beautiful neighbourhood;
а/the railway station.
b) Дайте английские эквиваленты. Помните о предлогах:
at three o’clock in the afternoon;
at half past four;
in the morning and in the evening;
in 2001; in the autumn of 2005;
in May; on Saturday;
on the 6th of September;
at the weekend;
in front of a TV-set;
in the vase;
under the table;
between the windows;
opposite the kitchen;
next to the fireplace;
at the post office;
in/at the library;
at the chemist’s;
opposite the bank.
а) Переведите ситуации на английский:
1. — When is your birthday?
— On the 4th of June. And yours?
— It is in summer too.
2. Dear friend! I invite you to my birthday party on Saturday the 3rd of April at 16.00. My address is flat 35, 17, Sadovaya St. It is going to be an English birthday party.
3. There is a wonderful park in our neighbourhood. It is near our school. There are a lot of big old trees and beautiful flowers in the park. There is a fountain in the middle of the park. In the northern part (in the north of) of the park there is my favourite cafe. I like fruit ice cream there very much.
4. Is it your new flat?
How many rooms are there in it?
Which room is your favourite?
The library. We’ve got a lot of history books. In the corner there is my favourite old green armchair.
b) Переведите диалоги:
1. — Excuse me, what’s the time?
— A quarter to two.
2. — Watch out, mum!
— It’s OK, dear.
3. — Oh, dear!
— What’s up?
4. — Hello! Can I speak to Max?
— Speaking.
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