Ваулина, 6. Модуль 4. Учебник. Проверка

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Используйте подсказки, чтобы дополнить предложения.
1. about;
2. up;
3. out;
4. on;
5. off.
Напишите противоположные значения.
1. boring;
2. disgusting;
3. awful;
4. hate;
5. terrible.
Обведите лишнее.
1. tennis;
2. great;
3. reading;
4. homework;
5. weekend.
Поставьте слова в правильном порядке и запишите полные предложения.
1. Не often goes to the park on Sundays.
2. She is never late.
3. How often do you go to the cinema?
4. He always goes to bed late.
5. We sometimes go/Sometimes we go camping.
Составьте вопросы. Затем ответьте на них.
1. Do you go to school? Yes, I do.
2. Does your father work in an office? Yes, he does./No, he doesn’t.
3. Does your mother help you with your homework? Yes, she does./No, she doesn’t.
4. Does your teacher shout in class? Yes, he/she does./No, he/she doesn’t.
5. Do your friends watch TV after school? Yes, they do./No, they don’t.
Используйте предложения, чтобы дополнить диалог.
1. I think so, why?
2. Would you like to join me?
3. What about a pop concert, then?
4. Count me in!
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