Ваулина, 6. Модуль 5. Учебник. Раздел 5d

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Как вы назовете событие, происходящее каждый…?
2. daily;
3. weekly;
4. monthly;
5. yearly.
Назовите некоторые фестивали в вашей стране. Что люди делают в эти дни?
There are many festivals in Russia such as the Spring Music Festival in Moscow where people go to classical music concerts, the White Nights Arts Festival in St Petersburg where people can enjoy all forms of art and the Victory Day parade where people can watch a big military procession.
О чем может быть этот текст? Что делают люди на картинках? Прослушайте, прочитайте и проверьте.
It’s a brochure. It’s about a festival called “The Highland Games”. A man is playing the bagpipes in the first picture. A man is pulling a rope in the second picture. A man is tossing the caber in the third picture.
а) Прочтите снова и ответьте на вопросы.
1. А;
2. В;
3. В;
4. А;
5. В
Что приезжие видят и делают в Бреморе в первое воскресенье сентября?
Visitors can enjoy the colourful Highland Games with music and dancing competitions, caber tossing and other events. People have great fun at the Highland Games on the first Saturday of September. The athletes compete in events like hammer throw, shot put and the hill run. The “tug of war” and “tossing the caber” are very popular. Everyone has a great time. Marching bands perform for the crowds.
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