Ваулина, 6. Модуль 7. Рабочая тетрадь. Раздел 7d

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a) Прочитайте рассказ и расставьте абзацы в правильном порядке.
A. 2;
B. 4;
С. 1;
D. 3;
b) Скажите, в каких абзацах дается информация о:
1. С;
2. A, D;
3. В.
Подчеркните правильное слово.
1. Luckily;
2. After;
3. Finally;
4. After;
5. When.
Напишите историю для конкурса в школьном журнале. Используйте план ниже и упр. 1а в качестве образца.
What a day!
One afternoon, three weeks ago, Terry decided to take his pet snake out for a walk. He put a snake to a basket and went to the park.
At the park Terry took the snake out to the grass. He played with his snake and put it back in basket. Terry read a very interesting book. 15 minutes later he sow that his snake was not in the basket.
Terry looked everywhere but he couldn’t look for snake. He started shouting and then he called the police. People were scared. They shouted, “Snakes! Many dangerous snakes are in the park!” Everyone leaved the park. Police couldn’t find the snake.
Terry was sad. He drove home. Suddenly he noticed that his snake slept on car floor. They both were happy.
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