Ваулина, 6. Модуль 7. Учебник. Раздел 7c

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Как много вы знаете об Уолте Диснее? Попробуйте дополнить предложения. Прослушайте, прочитайте и проверьте.
1. А;
2. В;
3. В;
4. С.
Прочитайте и озаглавьте абзацы.
1. name/famous for;
2. early years;
3. later years;
4. date of death.
Подчеркните все формы прошедшего времени в тексте. В парах используйте их, чтобы задать вопросы и ответить на них.
past forms: liked, sold, was, left, had, lived, started, created, appeared, won, made, died
A: What did Walt Disney like from an early age?
В: He liked drawing.
A: What did Walt Disney sell to his neighbours?
В: He sold his sketches.
A: How old was he then?
B: He was seven years old.
A: When did he leave for Hollywood?
B: In 1923.
A: How much money did he have with him?
B: He had $40.
A: Where did his brother live?
B: He lived in California.
A: What did they start together?
B: They started the Disney Brothers studio.
A: What did Walt create?
B: He created Mickey Mouse.
A: Where did Mickey first appear?
В: He appeared in Steamboat Willie.
A: How many Academy awards did Walt win?
B: He won 32 Academy awards.
A: Which popular films did Walt make?
В: He made Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi.
A: When did Walt Disney die?
B: He died in 1966.
Ролевая игра в парах. Один из вас взрослый сын/дочь Уолта Диснея, второй — журналист. Используйте информацию из текста, чтобы поговорить о нем.
Journalist: What is your relationship with Walt Disney?
Grandson/daughter: I’m his grandson/daughter.
Journalist: When was Walt Disney born?
Grandson/daughter: He was born in 1901.
Journalist: Where was he from?
Grandson/daughter: He was from Chicago, Illinois.
Journalist: What did he like doing as a hobby?
Grandson/daughter: He liked drawing.
Journalist: When did he create Mickey Mouse?
Grandson/daughter: He created him in 1928.
Journalist: What was his first film?
Grandson/daughter: It was Steamboat Willie.
Journalist: Did he win any Academy awards?
Grandson/daughter: Yes, he won 32 Academy awards.
Journalist: How many films did he make?
Grandson/daughter: He made 81 films.
Journalist: When did he die?
Grandson/daughter: He died in 1966.
Вспомните известного человека из прошлого и сделайте заметки по плану.
Name: Ludwig van Beethoven
Date of birth: 1770
Place of birth: Bonn
Early years: he became a professional musician at the age of 11
Later years: suffered from hearing problems but he kept composing great works
Famous for: his music compositions such as the Moonlight Sonata and 9th Symphony
Date of death: 1827
Портфолио: напишите короткую биографию этого человека. В качестве образца используйте текст из упр. 2.
Ludwig van Beethoven was born in 1770 in Bonn, Germany. He became a professional musician at the age of 11 and he first composed piano pieces. In his later years, Beethoven suffered from hearing problems but he kept composing great pieces of music. Some of his most famous works are Symphony No. 9, Moonlight Sonata and Fidelio, an opera. Beethoven died in 1827.
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