Ваулина, 6. Модуль 8. Рабочая тетрадь. Практикуемся в грамматике

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Дополните правила. Используйте must или mustn’t.
1. must;
2. must;
3. mustn’t;
4. mustn’t;
5. must.
Подчеркните правильное слово.
1. must;
2. have to;
3. don’t have to;
4. must;
5. mustn’t;
6. has to;
7. Do I have to;
8. needn’t;
9. mustn’t;
10. has to.
Посмотрите на библиотечные правила и составьте предложения с must или mustn’t.
2. You must be quiet.
3. You mustn’t eat or drink.
4. You must be careful with the books.
5. You mustn’t leave books on the table when you leave.
6. You must put the books back in the right place.
Выберите правильное слово.
1. A;
2. В;
3. A;
4. В;
5. В.
Запишите краткие формы.
1. She mustn’t;
2. They can’t;
3. You needn’t;
4. I don’t have to;
5. He needn’t.
Прочитайте о событиях и запишите соответствующие предложения.
1. You needn’t wash the dishes. My sister will do it.
2. You mustn’t eat in the library. It’s not allowed.
3. I’m afraid you can’t borrow my CD player.
4. You must be quiet during the lesson! It’s the rule.
5. You must pay the rent on time.
Заполните пропуски с помощью сравнительной или превосходной степени соответствующих прилагательных.
1. better;
2. the fastest;
3. bigger than;
4. more difficult than;
5. the most expensive;
6. the youngest;
7. heavier;
8. the most careless;
9. much more;
10. worse.
Используйте словосочетания, чтобы составить правдивые предложения.
1. Elizabeth’s hair is shorter than Diana’s.
2. This chair is the biggest of the three.
3. Gold jewellery is more expensive than silver.
4. The best way to deal with a headache is to relax.
5. My cooking is worse than my sister’s.
Исправьте ошибки.
1. This is the best programme on TV!
2. Paris is more beautiful than London.
3. Russia is colder than Spain.
4. I eat less than you.
5. My schoolbag is heavier than yours.
6. Is your dress more expensive than mine?
Как будет по-английски:
Block of flats; to get permission; the study week; to have overnight guests; school/university campus; to swim in the swimming pool; to wear a uniform; a historical building; to book tickets; in row two; to make noise; to remove food from the dining room; a crowded bus; the most intelligent/the smartest student in the class.
Переведите на английский:
a) Yesterday we went to the zoo, the biggest zoo in the country. I can’t say I enjoyed it. There were signs everywhere: “Don’t walk on the grass”, “Don’t feed the animals”. I wanted to take pictures of the most beautiful animals but I couldn’t come close to them because there were very many people. Some animals were sleeping and some were not very friendly. We couldn’t have a picnic because there wasn’t any place for that. It was Sunday yesterday and there were a lot of small children in the zoo. They made noise and shouted. Next weekend I’m going to the forest. I think it’s a brilliant idea. You needn’t think about a great number of (many) rules in the forest.
b) 1. My uncle is five years younger than my father.
2. My suitcase is heavier than yours.
3. Your sister is the most beautiful girl in the class.
4. Last year our basketball team was the most popular in the city.
5. The buses are more crowded than the trams. I’ll go by tram.
6. It’s the worst comedy. It’s boring.
7. My bedroom is tidier than yours.
8. Your bag is cheaper than mine but it’s more beautiful/ prettier.
9. It’s the most brilliant idea.
10. Peter is younger than Ann’s brother but he’s older than yours.
c) — Mum, can my friends come to my place today?
— Are you joking? You must tidy the flat today, do your homework, go shopping.
— I’ll do everything. Can they come in the evening?
— OK, but you mustn’t make noise. I’ll make a cake for you.
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