Ваулина, 6. Модуль 8. Учебник. Дополнительное чтение

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Объедините прилагательные с их противоположностями.
1. b;
2. а;
3. с;
4. d
In my neighbourhood, the parks are neat and tidy.
In my neighbourhood, the benches are new.
In my neighbourhood, the bus stops are dirty.
In my neighbourhood, the roads are safe.
In my neighbourhood, the shops are old.
а) Опишите вашу местность классу.
Му neighbourhood is nice but a bit noisy. The parks are clean and safe but there’s a lot of traffic on the streets. The shops are new but there are some old ones too with graffiti on the walls. The bus stops have benches for people waiting for the bus but they are not very clean. The buildings are modern and tall. I like my neighbourhood! To make our neighbourhood clean and tidy, we must follow parking and traffic rules. We must also stop dropping litter on the street or writing graffiti on the buildings.
Проект: составьте листовку для вашей местности, в которой людям рассказывается, что они должны/ не должны делать для поддержания чистоты.
How to keep our neighbourhood tidy.
You mustn’t drop litter.
You mustn’t damage road signs.
You mustn’t write graffiti on the buildings.
You must keep parks clean.
You mustn’t put chewing gum on park benches.
You must follow parking and traffic rules.
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