Ваулина, 6. Модуль 8. Учебник. Раздел 8b

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а) Какие из перечисленных мест 1 —14 вы можете увидеть на картинках? Опишите картинки.
a park, a gym, a theatre, a stadium, a fast food restaurant and a library.
In picture A, there’s a park. It’s summer. A girl and a boy are sitting by the lake. They are enjoying the view and fresh air.
In picture B, a man is exercising at the gym. The man is strong. He is wearing…
In picture C, a group of people are watching a play at the theatre…
In picture D, I can see a stadium…
In picture E, a couple are ordering at a fast food restaurant…
In picture F, a girl is looking for books in the library…
b) В каких из этих мест вы можете:
You can exercise in a swimming pool/in a stadium.
You can meet friends at a restaurant/in a park.
You can see animals at an aquarium/in a park/at a zoo.
You can buy things you need in a department store.
You can have a picnic in a park/at a zoo.
You can read in a library.
You can see works of art in a gallery.
You can eat a snack at a fast food restaurant.
You can watch a film at a cinema.
а) Прочитайте первую реплику в диалоге. О чем будет диалог? Прослушайте, прочитайте и проверьте.
The dialogue is going to be about making plans for the evening.
b) Прочитайте снова. Куда они решили отправиться? Когда?
They decide to go to a restaurant called “Antonio’s”. They go that night.
Прочитайте текст в рамке и предложения. Какую форму мы используем, чтобы сравнить: двух людей/ вещи? Двух и более людей/вещей? Найдите примеры в тексте.
the most expensive restaurant in town,
more expensive than,
more relaxing,
the tastiest thing in the world.
Заполните пропуски с помощью правильных сравнений.
1. youngest;
2. friendlier;
3. heaviest;
4. most beautiful
Посмотрите на знаки. В каком из мест из упр. 1 вы можете их увидеть? Что они означают?
2. swimming pool/aquarium/restaurant/theatre/department store/library/gallery — You’re not allowed to smoke.
3. gallery — You’re not allowed to touch.
4. theatre /department store / library / gallery — You’re not allowed to eat or drink.
5. zoo — You’re not allowed to feed the animals
Портфолио: субботний вечер. Используйте выражения из таблицы, чтобы решить, куда вы пойдете.
A: Why don’t we go to the cinema tonight?
В: No, I’m afraid I can’t. I have a lot of homework to do. How about going to see a play tomorrow?
A: Plays aren’t really my cup of tea.
В: I know, but this one is very good.
A: All right then.
B: Shall I pick you up at 7.00?
A: That sounds great.
B: See you tomorrow then.
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