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a) Прочитайте нижеследующий обзор нового ресторана и найдите названия абзацев.
1. D;
2. B;
3. C;
4. A;
b) Посмотрите на плакат и исправьте ошибки, как в примере.
34 Maple Street
Starters: vegetable soup, green salad
Specialities: grilled chicken
Desserts: Pierre’s apple pie
Prices: low
Используйте плакат другого ресторана и напишите обзор.
Frederico’s Restaurant is a new Italian restaurant with the best dishes and desserts in town! It is located at 55 Liverton Street and is open from 11 am to 11 pm every day!
The meals are great and the desserts are delicious! You can start with a carrot soup or a vegetable salad. The pizza is fantastic! The home-made pasta is perfect! The spagetti bolognese and lasagne special are some of the specialities. Don’t forget to try Frederico’s chocolate cake!
The waiters at Frederico’s are helpful and very friendly. The music is very enjoyable. And best of all, the prices are low!
Bring your friends and be sure to enjoy a wonderful night out at Frederico’s Restaurant, It’s great! Remember to book a table.
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