Ваулина, 6. Test Booklet. Mid test (Modules 1 – 5)

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Выберите правильный ответ.
1 c
2 c
3 c
4 c
5 b
6 c
7 b
8 b
9 b
10 c
12 a
13 a
14 c
15 b
16 c
17 b
18 b
19 c
20 c
21 c
22 b
23 a
24 b
25 c
26 b
27 a
28 a
29 b
30 с
Выберите правильный ответ.
31 b
32 а
33 а
34 b
35 b
Прочитайте электронное письмо и отметьте предложения Т (правдиво) и F (ложно).
36 DS
37 F
38 Т
39 Т
40 F
Напишите электронное письмо новому другу о себе (примерно 80 слов). Используйте электронное письмо в упр. С, чтобы помочь вам.
Hi, Pat
It was nice to hear from you. My perfect day is Saturday. It’s my favourite day of the week. In the morning I wake up at 9 o’clock and I have a small breakfast. Then, I put on my trainers and go cycling in my neighbourhood. At noon, we always go out for lunch at my favourite restaurant. They have excellent pizza, so I usually order that. In the afternoon I meet my friends at the tennis court and we play for hours. I love tennis! In the evening, I do some homework and then I play on my playstation. After that I usually watch a DVD with my family. I love Saturdays because it’s the only night of the week that I get to go to bed
That’s all for now. Write soon.
Love, Jane
Послушайте двух друзей, разговаривающих по телефону и обведите Т (правдиво) и F (ложно).
41) False
42) True
43) True
44) False
45) True
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