Ваулина, 8. Рабочая тетрадь. Модуль 5. Раздел 5e

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a) Прочитайте эссе и подчеркните фразы, в которых автор выражает 1) пожелания и 2) ожидаемые результаты.
1. to make the destruction of animals’ habitats illegal; people who hunt animals illegally must face heavy fines and long-term prison sentences; to encourage people not to buy animal products; to create more national parks and protected habitats for endangered animals.
2. the suggested measures will discourage people to commit criminal acts against animals; it would protect animals and the environments they live in; manufactures would produce fewer products made with the fur, skin or teeth of endangered species and other animals; these measures would allow animals to live and breed in a safe environment.
b) Разделите на заданные группы связующие слова, выделенные в тексте жирным шрифтом.
1. to start with; another solution would be to;
2. thus; as a result; therefore;
3. to sum up.
с) Замените слова-связки в тексте синонимами.
1. for the first/to begin with;
2. so/consequently;
3. another way to solve the problem;
4. at the end of ends/because of this/all in all;
5. due to/thanks to these measures;
6. to conclude/to resume.
Подчеркните правильное слово.
1. consequently;
2. both;
3. all in all;
4. one way to;
5. or.
Найдите соответствующие предложения и результаты. Затем составьте предложения по образцу.
1 с
2 а
3 b
2. One way to improve air quality is to remove factories from cities. The result would be less smog over cities and consequently cleaner air to breathe.
3. Another solution to deal with litter problem is to put more rubbish bins in public places. As a result litter would be disposed properly and therefore streets would be cleaner.
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