Ваулина, 9. Грамматические задания. Модуль 1. Упражнение 9

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Объедините предложения, как в примере. Поставьте запятые, где нужно. Поставьте D для ограничительных придаточных и ND для распространительных. Решите, где местоимение может быть пропущено, а где – нет.
Buckingham Palace, which is in the residence of the Queen of England, is in London. (ND – cannot be omitted)
The book, (which) I bought yesterday, is very interesting. (ND – can be omitted)
Sam, whose birthday is on Saturday, is having a party this weekend. (ND – cannot be omitted)
I have been studying all day, which is why I’m very tired. (D – cannot be omitted)
The best time to visit Scotland is on New Year’s Eve, when Hogmanay takes place. (D – cannot be omitted)
Amy, who is taking part in the carnival, has made her costume herself. (ND – cannot be omitted)
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