Ваулина, 9. Грамматические задания. Модуль 3. Упражнение 7

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Испоьзуйте фразы, чтобы подготовить небольшую историю. Расскажите классу. Используйте указанные союзы на месте тире.

Не took his luggage and got a taxi and went to his halls of residence.
He arrived at his flat and opened his suitcase.
He was surprised because his suitcase was full of women’s clothes. He realised that he had taken the wrong suitcase.
He called the Lost and Found Department at the airport but the officer said nobody had reported that they had also taken the wrong suitcase. Daniel was really upset.
He went into the kitchen and made dinner. The door opened and a girl entered the flat. She was holding his suitcase! He went to his bedroom and returned holding her suitcase. He showed it to the girl and they started laughing.

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