Ваулина, 9. Рабочая тетрадь. Уголок переводчика 1. Упражнение 2

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Every country has its own celebrations and
festivals. In Russia we celebrate New Year, Christmas, Maslenitsa, Victory Day and many others. We have a strong tradition of celebrating Women’s day on the 8th of March. That day all women receive presents, we have parties, cook special dishes. If you go to see your friends make sure you have beautiful flowers for the mother of the family. The national holiday of all the country is Victory day which we celebrate on the 9th of May. In the morning we can watch the parade on TV, in the evening we watch a display of fireworks and open-air performances, usually concerts, that take place in parks and main squares. There are many regional festivals in Russia, for example, Water melon day in Astrakhan, Cucumber Day in Suzdal. There are a lot of contests on these days, you can enter any of them and get a prize. Children’s favourite celebration is New Year. They decorate fir trees, pull crackers, throw streamers, wear masks and fancy dress costumes. Adults also like this holiday; they dress up, exchange gifts and take pictures. It’s the coolest family celebration.
The annual carnival on the island is a spectacular celebration. The citizens of the island keep a strong tradition of wearing monster masks and costumes (everything is used for the material from fruit to old furniture and dishes) and making fun for Easter.
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