Ваулина, 9. Рабочая тетрадь. Уголок переводчика 5. Упражнение 2

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Miniature art is as old as human civilization.
The gift to work in this field is very rare. The Russian Levsha, the character of Leskov’s story who managed to shoe a flea is known all over the world. Today there are people in Russia who have got in their art collections similar real shoed fleas that has become the classics. They are 7 in Russia. Anatoly Konenko from Siberia, Omsk is one of them. His works include the smallest book in the world – just 0, 9 mm long. It has been registered in the Guinness World Records. His portraits of famous people on rice grains strike the imagination. It takes the artist three months to paint such a miniature, his tool is a hair from a butterfly wing. The visitors of his exhibition “Miracles under the microscope” are amazed by a lot of unique works, such as the smallest copy of the balalaika in the case carved from a poppy seed, the tiny violin 6 mm long, the chess board 6×6 mm with the chess pieces 0, 6-1, 8 mm. Anatoly Konenko is a world known miniature artist. His exhibitions impress the spectators not only in Russia but in Europe, Asia and America.
Graffiti as the street art changed the look of streets at the end of the 20th century. The history of graffiti started in the New York underground. Today bright and original works of graffiti can be seen in the urban streets all over the world. But there are still different opinions. “Graffiti is vandalism”. “Every work in graffiti is a valuable piece of art”. What do you think?
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