Вербицкая 4. Activity Book. Контрольная работа 1

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Identity card
name: Tom Rogers
age: 12 / twelve
birthday: November 30th
nationality: American
from: New York, (the) USA
favourite: subject — science
colour — green
hobby — football
0. This is Kate’s letter to Vera. T
1. Kate has got some photos from Vera. T
2. Kate was at London Zoo last year. F
3. There are birds at London Zoo. T
4. Kate asks Vera about her school. F
5. Kate wants to get letters from Vera. T
0. Was Kate at London Zoo last week?
1. Is London Zoo very big?
2. Are there a lot of animals?
3. Were there many people in the zoo?
4. Was it fun to visit the zoo?
5. Is Dasha Vera’s friend?
0. Karen wants to fly planes. (Образец.)
1. Paula wants to work in a kitchen.
2. Duncan wants to work with children.
3. Duncan / he wants to work at school.
4. Duncan / he wants to be a teacher.
5. Paula / she wants to be a chef.
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