Вербицкая 4. Activity Book. Контрольная работа 3

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(слева направо) Joe, Steve, Erica, Mark, Caroline.
0. Joe is the youngest.
1. Mark’s hair is the shortest.
2. Erica is taller than Mark.
3. Steve is shorter than Caroline.
4. Yes, (she is). / Yes, Caroline is older than Joe.
5. No, (he isn’t). / No, Mark is thinner than Joe.
0. Peter likes riding the / his bike but Mary doesn’t.
1. Mary and Peter like playing football.
2. Mary likes taking photos but Peter doesn’t.
3. Mary and Peter don’t like drawing pictures.
4. Mary and Peter like reading magazines.
5. Mary likes writing letters but Peter doesn’t.
0. On Monday he looked for birds.
1. On Tuesday he crossed the river.
2. On Wednesday he walked through the forest / went for a walk.
3. On Thursday he cooked his supper.
4. On Friday he climbed a tree.
5. On Saturday he reached / arrived at the village.
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