Вербицкая 4. Activity Book. Unit 11

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The police are looking for the plant thief, Zack Barrington. He was in London last week. The police followed his car across the city. They reached / crossed Westminster Bridge and Zack’s car crashed. Zack jumped into the river Thames but a policeman pulled him out of the water. When the police car reached the police station, Zack opened the car door and escaped. The police chased / followed him into the tube station but he disappeared / escaped.
1. The Earth is bigger than the Moon and the Sun is bigger than the Earth. (Образец.)
2. A town is bigger than a village and a city is bigger than a town.
3. London is bigger than Trafalgar Square and England is bigger than London.
4. Australia is bigger than Great Britain and Russia is bigger than Australia.
Look at the pictures of the three monkeys which live in the rain forest of Indonesia. They are the siamang, the lar gibbon and the proboscis monkey. Can you find the proboscis monkey? The siamang and the lar gibbon have longer arms than the proboscis monkey. The proboscis monkey’s eyes are smaller and its nose is bigger than the other monkey’s. It has a long tail. The siamang is black; the lar gibbon is light brown with a black face and the proboscis monkey is brown with a pink face and white neck.
Now look at the three birds: they are the drongo, the hornbill and the spiderhunter. Can you find the spiderhunter? The hornbill’s beak is longer than the drongo’s but shorter than the spiderhunter’s. The hornbill’s tail is longer than the spiderhunter’s but shorter than the drongo’s. The spiderhunter is smaller than the hornbill and the drongo The hornbill is black and white with a red and yellow beak; the drongo is blue with a black tail and the spiderhunter is yellow with a black beak.
Now look at the three snakes: they are the mangrove snake, the king cobra and the flying snake. Can you find the mangrove snake? The mangrove snake is longer than the flying snake but shorter than the king cobra. It’s thinner than the king cobra but thicker than the flying snake. The king cobra is green and black, the flying snake is black and red and the mangrove snake is black and orange.
(Ученики показывают на рисунок.)
1. This cat is bigger. (Кот, который находится дальше.)
2. This hare’s tail is nearer. (Ближе хвост тогозайчика, который находится ближе к норке.)
3. Line A is not longer than line В. Line В is not longer than line А. (Это оптический обман — линии равны. Чтобы это проверить, нужно измерить их линейкой.)
Odd one out!
secret — единственное существительное в ряду глаголов.
Dear Ben,
Thank you for your letter, Zack Barrington is a bad man. My uncle is a detective. He is in London now. He can help the police to catch Zack.
Bye, / Write soon,
1) правильные глаголы: to ask, to want, to follow, to call, to watch;
неправильные глаголы, to do, to steal, to be, to go, to cut.
2) Professor Wallace went to Asia. She wanted to find an orchid called the Angel of the Forest. She called Joe Alexander to help her. The Red Hand Gang followed her. They cut the rope. They stole things from the professor’s bag. But Professor Wallace was not afraid of them.
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