Вербицкая 4. Activity Book. Unit 12

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1. Polly Zap is Mr Big’s assistant. (Краткий ответ: Mr Big’s.)
2. Professor Wallace’s computer is broken. (Краткий ответ: Professor Wallace’s.)
3. Kate’s uncle is / lives in London. (Краткий ответ: Kate’s.)
4. Beano is Sam’s dog. (Краткий ответ: Sam’s.)
Rob likes flying kites. He collects kites from other countries. He’s got twenty-two on his bedroom wall. His favourite kite is one from China. It’s red and yellow and it’s got a long orange tail. When it’s windy, Rob goes into the park and flies his kite.
Amy likes swimming and diving. She learnt to swim when she was three years old. She goes swimming in the pool every Friday with her friends. She likes swimming in the sea when she is on holiday.
In the picture Amy is diving.
[s] — taste, silk, salt, thirsty, school, science
[z] — feels, does, music, excuse, Tuesday
[ʃ] — Russia, short, sugar, shape, Asia
Dasha is afraid of spiders and mice. Maxim is not afraid of mice but he doesn’t like them. He is not afraid of spiders because they are very small.
Odd one out!
Pacific — это единственное имя собственное в ряду имён нарицательных.
I like summer. In summer the sky is blue. The sun is yellow. The leaves on the trees are green and the grass is green. There are red, yellow and blue flowers in the forest.
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