Вербицкая 4. Activity Book. Unit 15

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Yesterday the Indonesian police arrested Zack Barrington and Tex Parker, the plant thieves. Professor Wallace, the famous scientist, and her friend Joe Alexander, the explorer, went to Indonesia and camped in the rain forest. They wanted to find a very rare orchid. Zack and Tex followed them. They wanted to steal the orchid and sell it.
Zack and Tex are members of a gang of thieves.
Their leader is Mr Big. He steals rare plants. He also steals rare birds and animals and sells them for pets. He is very rich. The police do not know where Mr Big is.
I) [еə] — hair, where, there, their, bear, rare;
[ɪə] — here, dear.
II) Dear Vera,
Kate and Sam are in Indonesia. Here are some photos. They are near the temple. And this is the rare orchid. Where are you?
1. I didn’t watch TV yesterday. (Образец.)
2. It didn’t rain yesterday.
3.1 didn’t walk in the park yesterday.
4. I didn’t eat pizza yesterday.
5. My friend didn’t come to me yesterday.
6. We didn’t play computer games yesterday.
7. I didn’t like the film.
Odd one out!
Найти лишнее слово.
I) 1. by ferry
2. to help the animals
3. near a volcano
4. saved them
5. to see Joe
6. Joe Alexander’s friend
II) 1. Zack didn’t go to Indonesia by ferry, he went by plane. (Образец.)
2. Zack didn’t want to help the animals, he wanted to find the orchid.
3. He didn’t see the children near a volcano, he saw them in the temple.
4. He didn’t save the children, he followed them.
5. He didn’t go to the camp to see Joe, he went to the camp to find the orchid.
6. He wasn’t Joe Alexander’s friend, he was a plant thief.
late — weight
grow — go
do — two
rare — hair
are — far
bury — very
five — dive
live — give
high — dry
height — light
1. [ʌ] — hurry, lunch, bus, hungry, duck.
[ɑ:] — fast, last, grass, past, path.
2. Look! There is a path in the tall green grass. Hurry up! I’m very hungry. Let’s have lunch.
1. It won’t be very cold. (Образец.)
2. You won’t run to school.
3. You won’t cross the street in the wrong place.
4. You won’t have a test in maths.
5. You won’t get a bad mark.
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