Вербицкая 4. Activity Book. Unit 16

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1) [əʊ] — home, both, local, radio, don’t, know
[ɒ] — drop
[ɔ:] — airport, north
[ɑʊ] — south
[u:] — school, group
[ʌ] — months, other
[ə] — welcome, police, professor
2) Kate and Sam arrived home. The local radio interviewed Sam. They appeared on television and went back to school.
1. Their families. / Their families met Kate and Sam at the airport. / Kate’s and Sam’s families met them at the airport.
2. Kate. / Kate appeared on television.
3. Beano. / Beano is in quarantine.
4. On his island. / Mr Big is on his island.
5. In six months time. / Beano will be at home in six months time.
Amy: What do you hope will happen tomorrow, Rob?
Rob: Tomorrow? Well, I want to fly my new kite, so I hope it will be windy then I’ll fly my kite in the park. What about you? What do you hope will happen?
Amy: I hope I’ll get a letter from my penfriend, Sara I wrote to her weeks ago. I hope she’ll write back. What about next week, Rob? What do you hope will happen next week?
Rob: Er, let me see. Oh, yes! My sunflowers! I put some seeds in about a week ago. I hope they will start to grow next week.
Amy: I hope there will be a good film at the cinema. I want to go with my friends.
Rob: What do you hope will happen next year, Amy?
Amy: Oh, that’s easy. I hope I’ll go to a school camp. Mum said I was too young this year, but I hope I can go next year. What about you?
Rob: I want a new bike. I hope I’ll have one for my birthday next year.
Amy: What about the future, Rob? What do you hope will happen in the future?
Rob: Oh, that’s difficult. I don’t know.
Amy: Did you see those pictures of hungry children on TV last night? It was so sad. I hope people will do something to help them. I hope in the future there will be food for all the children in the world.
Rob: Yes, I hope people will look after one another. I also hope people will look after the forests and all the animals and plants in them.
Amy: Yes, we must do these things. We are the people of the future.
1. next year
2. last year
3. this year
4. last year
5. next year
6. this year
1. It was cold yesterday and I had to wear my jacket.
2. My friend was ill. He had to stay in bed for a week.
3. I’ve got a cold. I have to take some medicine.
4. My sister wants to go to the cinema with us but she has to stay at home.
5. My dad will have to work next Sunday.
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