Вербицкая 4. Activity Book. Unit 17

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1. Orangutans and snake are missing from picture 1.
2. Rhino and tiger are missing from picture 2.
3. Butterfly and leopard are missing from picture 3.
4. Elephant and crocodile are missing from picture 4.
Odd one out!
island — участок суши, окружённый водой; все остальные слова являются названиями животных.
1. squirrel: The squirrel is different because the robin, the eagle, the butterfly and the bat can fly but the squirrel can’t. (Образец.)
2. computer: The computer is different because the hospital, the museum, the bank and the hotel are buildings but the computer isn’t.
3. uncle: The uncle is different because the queen, the witch, the aunt, the sister are women but the uncle isn’t.
4. cinema: The cinema is different because the department store, the baker’s, the newsagent’s and the supermarket are shops but the cinema isn’t.
Boy: Let’s try to answer these questions. Are you ready?
Girl: Yes. What’s the first question?
Boy: How many countries are there in the world? 95? 125? 185? or 255? What do you think?
Girl: Oh, lots and lots! 255, I think.
Boy: Wrong! There are 185.
Girl: Oh. Your turn now! How many bones have you got in your body? 206? 166? 126? or 36?
Boy: Well, we’ve got two in each arm, lots in our hands and feet and lots in our backs. I don’t know. About 126.
Girl: Wrong! There are 206.
Boy: Really? Your turn again; an easy one. How many thieves did Ali Baba meet? Twenty? Forty? Fifty? Or a hundred?
Girl: Forty! Ali Baba and the forty thieves.
Boy: Right! I said it was easy.
Girl: An easy one for you now. How many legs has a spider got? Four? Six? Eight? Or ten?
Boy: Well, I know it’s more than four. It’s either six or eight. I think it’s eight. Am I right?
Girl: Yes! What’s next?
Boy: Let’s see if you can answer this — how many tigers are there in the world today? 70,000? 17,000? 7,000? or 700?
Girl: I know there aren’t many. I hope it’s more than 700. Is it 7,000?
Boy: Yes — that’s bad news! I thought there were more than that.
Girl: Last question. How many is the Roman number XXIV? Is it 14? 24? 26? or 204?
Boy: X is ten, I think. Or is it 100? I is one and V is five. So it’s 26. Oh, no — when the I is in front of the V, it means it’s four, not six, so it’s 24. Right?
Girl: Finally, yes!
1. Which was the biggest of these three dinosaurs?
Iguanodon was nine metres long, weight 4,500 kilograms and was five metres tall. Stegosaurus was six metres long, weighed 2,0 kilograms and was three and a half metres tall. Tyrannosaurus was twelve metres long, weighed 7,000 kilograms and was five metres tall. (Tyrannosaurus.)
2. Which is the fastest of these three animals?
A rabbit runs at fifty-six kilometres per hour. A racing dog can run at sixty kilometres per hour, and a tiger chases animals at seventy to eighty kilometres per hour. (Tiger.)
Which animal is the tallest?
3. Giraffes can grow to six metres tall. Polar bears are three and a half metres tall when they’re standing and elephants are often four metres tall. (Giraffes.)
4. Which country is the wettest?
Parts of India have over 1016 centimetres of rain each year. Britain has about 203 centimetres each year and Spain has about 89 centimetres. (India.)
Odd one out!
of — предлог, все остальные слова — существительные.
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