Вербицкая 4. Activity Book. Unit 18

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1. The triceratops didn’t have any teeth. It had three horns on its head. (Образец.)
2. The stegosaurus didn’t have a long neck. It had spikes on its tail.
3. The iguanodon didn’t have a horn on its nose. It had spikes on its hands.
4. The tyrannosaurus didn’t have spikes on its hands. It had short front legs.
Was the brachiosaurus larger than: a bus? (Yes.) / your classroom? (Yes.) / your school? (No.)
Was it taller than: a giraf? (Yes.) / a house? (Yes. / No.) (зависит от размера дома) / уоиг school? (Yes.)
Was it heavier than: 100 people? (Yes.) / ten elephants? (Yes.) / a train? (No.)
(возможны варианты)
a bus — 6-7m
a classroom — 5-6m
a school — 26m
the brachiosaurus — 25m
Our school is the longest.
a giraffe — 6m
a house — 15m (5 этажей) / 27т (9 этажей ) / 36m (12 этажей)
a school — 10m (3 этажа)
the brachiosaurus — 20m
My house is the tallest.
100 people — 7t (tons)
a train — 336t
ten elephants — 50t
the brachiosaurus — 80t
A train is the heaviest.
Odd one out!
on — предлог, все остальные слова — существительные.
1. There aren’t about fifty volcanoes in the world, there are about five hundred. (Образец.)
2. Extinct volcanoes don’t erupt.
3. Krakatoa isn’t an extinct volcano. It’s an active volcano.
4. When rock and metal become hot they don’t change into water. They change into liquid.
5. Gases don’t carry water with them up into the air. They carry liquid rock and metal with them.
6. Hot chocolate doesn’t come out of the volcano. Liquid rock and metal come out.
hot, grey, erupt, active, rain, windy, ash, black, tiny, cloud, rock, sleeping, mud, strong, wake, move.
1. Salt is different because it’s a solid. Paint and milk shake are liquids. (Образец.)
2. Water is different because it is a liquid. Steam and oxygen are gases.
3. Milk is different because it is a liquid. Flour and chocolate are solids.
4. Steam is different because it is a gas. Rock and dust are solids.
5. Paper is different because it is a solid. Glue and paint are liquids.
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