Вербицкая 4. Activity Book. Unit 19

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Here are some volcano dates:
The volcano, Vesuvius, erupted and killed all the people in Pompeii in the year 79 AD. Rocks and dust hid the town for hundreds of years. Scientists discovered Pompeii in 1860. Krakatoa erupted at ten o’clock in the morning on 27th of August, 1883. After the eruption it was dark for three days, because there was a lot of dust in the air. The last time Krakatoa was active was in 1959.
Some dinosaur dates:
An English woman discovered the first dinosaur bone, an iguanodon’s tooth, in 1824. Scientists put bones together to make the first dinosaur skeleton in 1851 in London. In 1993 scientists discovered a dinosaur that was 225 million years old, the oldest dinosaur in the world. It is as big as a dog and it is called eoraptor.
The camera is made of metal.
The coins are made of metal.
The frying pan is made of metal.
The boat is made of wood.
The door is made of wood.
The table is made of plastic.
The chairs are made of plastic.
The bag is made of plastic.
The cup is made of plastic.
1. Crown is different because it’s jewellery. (Образец.)
2. Sock is different because it’s clothes.
3. Sandwich is different because it’s food.
4. Necklace is different because it’s jewellery.
Odd one out!
1) inside — наречие / предлог, все остальные слова — правильные глаголы в форме Past Simple.
2) next to — сложный предлог, всё остальное — глагольные сочетания.
1) Mr Freeman: Be quiet, please! Listen carefully everybody. This experiment shows where rain comes from. We need some water, a kettle and a mirror.
That’s water, a kettle and a mirror. Now listen! Put some water in the kettle. Now turn the kettle on and stand back. Be very careful because steam is hot. Is the water boiling? Right, now stand the mirror in front of the kettle. Now watch from a safe distance. Watch the steam. It’s touching the cold mirror and what’s happening?
Write down what’s happening. It’s turning into water! Now, imagine the water in the kettle is the sea The sun heats the water and it turns into steam. When the steam rises over the mountains it gets cold and it turns into rain.
2) 1. Put some water in the kettle.
2. Turn the kettle on. Boil the water.
3. Stand a mirror in front of the kettle.
4. Watch the steam.
5. Write what happens when it touches the cold mirror.
3) 1. They put some water in the kettle. (Образец.)
2. They boiled the water.
3. They stood a mirror in front of the kettle.
4. They watched the steam.
5. They wrote what happened when it touched the cold mirror.
Odd one out!
South — это существительное, пишется по-английски с заглавной буквы, все остальные слова — прилагательные.
1. B
2. A
3. D
4. C
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