Вербицкая 4. Activity Book. Unit 20

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1. The dragon’s tail is longer.
2. The tree is taller.
3. The rock is bigger.
4. The dragon’s legs are longer.
5. The dragon is nearer to the tree.
1. What’s your name? (four)
2. How many sisters have you got? (six)
3. Shall we go to the beach? (six)
4. I can run but I don’t like swimming, (nine)
5. Whose jacket is this? (four)
(с. 11) Spanish, (с. 13) laboratory, (с. 19) leader, (с. 22) ocean, (с. 30) airport, (с. 33) gang, (с. 39) underground, (с. 43) find, (с. 46) secret, (с. 49) Pacific, (с. 53) in, (с. 58) tiny, (с. 61) new, (с. 68, 71) island, of, (с. 74) on, (с. 76, 77, 78) next to, inside, South.
(возможный вариант фразы)
Find leader of gang inside underground secret laboratory next to new airport on tiny Spanish island in South Pacific Ocean.
Indonesia is the biggest group of islands in the world. It’s has an enormous population of 190 million, the fifth biggest population in the world. There are 250 different languages. Many Indonesians can speak two or three languages.
Indonesia is on the Equator, The weather is hot and wet from November to April, and hot and dry from May to October. There are a lot of tropical rain forests in Indonesia. There are about one hundred active volcanoes in Indonesia today. You can visit the animal centre in Sumatra and see many animals. The biggest city in Indonesia is the capital, Jakarta.
shampoo — India
restaurant — France
dinosaur — Greece
safari — Africa
yoghurt — Turkey
cafe — France
orangutan — Malaysia
hieroglyphs — Greece
pizza — Italy
banana — Africa
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