Вербицкая 4. Activity Book. Unit 3

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1. The nose is wrong. Vic hasn’t got a big nose.
2. The mouth is wrong. Sue hasn’t got a small mouth.
3. The hair is wrong. Les hasn’t got black hair.
4. The eyes are wrong. Liz hasn’t got small eyes.
1. Cath Ree is a teacher. She teaches history. (Образец.)
2. Dot Roc is a doctor. She looks after sick people.
3. Netti Ciss is a scientist. She works in a laboratory.
4. Reg Genie is an engineer. He designs cars.
5. Ted Tevice and Eve Dettic are detectives. They catch criminals.
6. Tara Stoun is an astronaut. She goes to the moon.
II. laboratory (все остальные слова обозначают профессии)
Vet is a good job for me. I like science and I am friendly. I like animals. I want to look after animals.
1. I like films about Sherlock Holmes.
2. He is a famous detective.
3. He catches criminals.
4. He has got a friend.
5. His friend is Doctor Watson.
6. They are strong and friendly.
7. They help people.
1. Who is Mr Big?
2. Why does he live on an island?
3. What island is it?
4. Where is he now?
1. Does Joseph Alexander live in the USA?
2. Is his birthday on January 10th?
3. Has he got green eyes and red hair?
4. Is he an explorer?
5. Can he help Professor Wallace?
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