Вербицкая 4. Activity Book. Unit 4

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1. There were two birds on the tent, now they are on the ground. (Образец.)
2. There was one porcupine in front of the tree. Now there are two.
3. Polly Zap was behind the tree. Now she is behind the tent.
4. The bags were on the ground. Now they are on the table.
5. The monkey was in the tree. Now it’s under the table.
6. There was one table. Now there are two.
Brunnel was a British engineer. (Образец.)
Columbus was an Italian explorer.
Marie Curie was a Polish scientist.
Cleopatra was an Egyptian queen.
Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter.
The Wright brothers were American pilots.
porcupine: 1. v 2. x 3. х 4. х (Образец.)
platypus: 1. х 2. v 3. х 4. х
pelican: 1. х 2. v 3. х 4. х
tree frog: 1. х 2. v 3. v 4. х
spider: 1. x 2. v 3. v 4. x
weather, paint, good, home, work.
1. Does he fly planes? Is he a pilot? (Образец.)
2. Does he catch criminals? Is he a detective?
3. Does she work in a laboratory? Is she a scientist?
4. Does he travel a lot? Is he an explorer?
5. Does he design new engines? Is he an engineer?
(В словах перепутались удвоенные буквы.) kangaroo, rabbit, hippo, giraffe, parrot, chimpanzee.
leader (все остальные слова — названия птиц и животных).
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