Вербицкая 4. Activity Book. Unit 5

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From the forest: paper, wood, orchids, bananas (sometimes).
From under the sea. oil, salt, gas, fish.
From under the ground: metal, oil, salt, gas, jewels.
Исключения: chef, chemist’s, Christmas.
Do spiders eat birds? (Yes, this spider eats birds.)
Do insects eat horses? (Yes, these insects eat horses.)
Do fish eat animals? (Yes, the fish eat animals.)
Do birds eat monkeys? (Yes, this bird eats monkeys.)
1. This spider eats birds. (Образец.)
2. The fish eat animals.
3. These insects eat horses.
4. This bird eats monkeys.
Sherlock Holmes was a famous detective.
Doctor Watson was his friend.
They were strong and friendly.
They were good people.
Criminals were afraid of them.
1, 4, 3, 2, 5, 6.
[ɪ]: lily (Образец.)swim;
[е]: weather, dead;
[eɪ]: rain, lake, tail;
[i:]: live, eat, metre, leave, three.
1. How tall is Ivan Velikiy Bell Tower? The Bell Tower is 81 metres tall.
2. How tall is Moscow University? It is 240 metres tall.
3. How tall is Ostankino TV Tower? The TV Tower is 536 metres tall.
4. Вариант ученика.
Odd one out!
ocean (все остальные слова обозначают растения)
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