Вербицкая 4. Activity Book. Unit 6

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1. с
2. b
3. а
4. С
[ɒ]: hot (Образец.), holiday, forest, long;
[ɔ:]: autumn, warm, tall, port;
[əʊ]: hole, coast, cold, snow;
[ɑʊ]: brown, mouse, south, now.
This is my family photo. These are my parents. My father is a doctor. This is my brother Boris.
1. -s [s]: rabbits;
-s [z]: bears, kangaroos, monkeys, tigers, crocodiles, porcupines, frogs;
-es [ɪz]: foxes, platypuses;
Исключения: wolves, mice.
2. Many mice make much music.
Dear Jill,
Thank you very much for your letter. I want to be your pen friend, too.
My name is (имя). I am (возраст) years old. I live in (название места) This summer I was
(предлог, название места). The weather was (состояние погоды).
Do you like your summer holidays?
Write to me,
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