Вербицкая 4. Activity Book. Unit 8

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1. You can visit an art gallery. (Образец.)
2. You can go on a tourist bus.
3. You can look at Big Ben.
4. You can eat pizzas at a street cafe.
1. the National Gallery (Образец.)
2. Buckingham Palace
3. the river Thames
4. the Tower of London
5. everywhere
Amy: I live in Matlock in the north of England. There’s a small railway station there, but there isn’t an airport. There’s a big park and a supermarket. People come to Matlock for their holidays. They walk by the river. There are lots of hotels where they can stay and cafes where they can eat. They can visit the small museum and the swimming pool. My school is near the swimming pool.
Rob must до to the post office to buy some stamps and post his letters. Then he must go to the library to change his library books and find out facts about dinosaurs. Then he must go to the hospital to visit his Aunt Mary. Then he must go to the cafe to meet Amy.
[ju:] — music, excuse
[ʌ] — Russia, bus, touch
[ɑʊ] — south, fountain, house
[ɜ:] — church, turn
[ɑ:] — guard
Odd one out!
gang (все остальные слова — названия учреждений и общественных мест)
1. b
2. с
3. b
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