Вербицкая 4. Students Book. Review 3

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Cinderella is kinder than her sisters.
The Wolf isn’t kind to Red Riding Hood.
Many children like long cartoons.
Pinocchio has got a longer nose than Malvina.
The trees in the rain forest and in taiga are very tail.
Giraffes are taller than elephants.
It is warm in spring. And the days are long. The birds start to sing. And we learn a new song.
Maxim: Sport is my hobby. I like playing football.
Vera: I like the ‘Do-it-yourself’ club at our school. I like doing beautiful things.
Lera: Art is my hobby. I like drawing pictures.
Nikita: Winter is my favourite season. I like skiing.
Dasha: This is my new camera. I like taking photos.
Ben: My favourite place is a swimming pool. I like diving underwater.
Sam: My computer is my best friend. I like playing computer games.
It’s going to snow but I’m not afraid of the cold.
It’s going to rain but I’m not afraid of getting wet.
It’s getting hot but I’m not afraid of the sun.
1 B
2 A
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