Вербицкая 4. Students Book. Unit 10

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Kate: I’m going to tell you about our journey. Look at the map. First, our plane crashed near the village of Dabo. There it is, in the south. We walked for an hour and then we arrived at Dabo. We asked some people about Professor Wallace. We followed the river north and we passed the White Mountains. We stopped at Saka. There’s a village there. We followed the river east towards the Blue Mountains. At last we reached the cliffs at a place called Hoppo. We crossed the river at Hoppo. Then we climbed the cliffs.
Monday — picture 3
Tuesday — picture 2
Wednesday — picture 5
Thursday — picture 6
Friday — picture 1
Saturday — picture 4
1) the professor mended
Beano climbed
everybody played
Joe cooked
I helped
a monkey chased
2) I helped
Joe cooked
everybody played
1 Professor was here ten days ago.
2 I was in London last week.
3 We were at school yesterday.
4 He was at the airport yesterday.
planted [ɪd] — 3,
crossed [t] — 1,
pointed [ɪd] — 3,
reached [t] — 1,
landed [ɪd] — 3,
walked [t] — 1,
talked [t] — 1,
repeated [ɪd] — 3,
needed [id] — 3,
visited [ɪd] — 3,
wanted [ɪd] — 3,
crashed [t] — 1,
passed [t] — 1,
stopped [t] — 1.
1 to fly, to crash, to land;
2 to cross, to swim;
3 to plant, to water.
Our ship landed at Deep Bay. We followed the Snake River to Crater Lake. We crossed the lake on a raft. Then we walked through the haunted forest. We reached Redbeard’s castle. Some pirates chased us, but we escaped and climbed the Icy Mountain. The treasure was in a cave.
[t]: reached, crossed, walked, talked, crashed, passed, stopped, asked;
[d]: climbed, played, followed;
[ɪd]: planted, pointed, landed, needed, visited, wanted.
book (все остальные слова — названия продуктов и блюд);
pencil (все остальные слова — названия одежды);
crocodile (все остальные слова — названия неводоплавающих животных);
birds (все остальные слова — названия животных, а не птиц).
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