Вербицкая 4. Students Book. Unit 11

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angel, volcano, million, action, anywhere, somebody.
to call — called, to cut — cut, to steal — stole, to be — was, to do — did, to mend — mended, to chase — chased, to want — wanted, to arrive — arrived, to climb — climbed, to walk — walked, to follow — followed, to crash — crashed, to pass — passed, to ask – – asked, to stop — stopped.
(слева направо) Polly, Pam, Pip, Jem.
1 fox
2 robin
3 blackbird
4 squirrel
5 badger
6 rabbit
squirrels, 5 rabbits, 3 robins, 2 blackbirds, 1 fox.
red, big, black, long, white, small, brown, short, yellow, tall, grey, thin.
прилагательное yellow состоит из двух слогов, все остальные прилагательные — односложные
1 Boy: What does this taste like?
Girl: It tastes sour, (a lemon)
2 Girl: What does this taste like?
Boy: It tastes sweet. And it feels cold, (ice cream)
3 Boy: Smell! What does it smell like?
Girl: Pooh! It smells horrible, (litter)
4 Girl: Smell this! What does it smell like?
Boy: Mmm. It smells lovely, (a rose)
5 Boy: Feel this! What does it feel like?
Girl: Mmm. It feels soft, (silk)
6 Girl: What does it feel like?
Boy: Ergh! It feels cold and slimy, (a seaweed)
7 Boy: Here, taste this. What does it taste like?
Girl: Mmm. It tastes sweet, (sugar)
8 Girl: Try this.
Boy: Ergh! It tastes salty! (salt)
9 Girl: What does this taste like?
Boy: Argh! It tastes hot! Can I have some water, please? (pepper)
tall — taller; a nose — noses; to do — did; to see — saw; a foot — feet; long — longer; to help — helped; a friend — friends; old — older / elder; short — shorter; to walk — walked; to talk — talked; high — higher; to want — wanted; thin — thinner: a hand — hands; fat — fatter; cold — colder.
Dear Nikita,
Zack Barrington is a plant thief. He was in London last week. The police followed his car. Zack’s car crashed and he jumped into the river Thames. A policeman pulled him out of the water. Near the police station, Zack opened the car door and escaped. I think he is in the rain forest now. Kate and Sam are now with Joe Alexander and Professor Wallace in the rain forest.
Write soon.
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