Вербицкая 4. Students Book. Unit 12

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верхний ряд (top row): cat, dog, bird;
нижний ряд (bottom row): frog, fox, horse, elephant.
A: salty, sweet, sour, hot (Taste. — How does it taste?)
B: soft, wet, cold, slimy (Feel. — How does it feel?)
C: short, long, tall, small (Size. — How big / tall is it?)
Sam and Kate wanted to help Professor Wallace. They liked exploring the rain forest. They were a long way from their camp. They were afraid of the rain and they saw a cave. There were lots of bats in the cave. The children weren’t afraid of bats. They saw a big footprint, too. Then they found an old building.
1 C
2 A
3 B
It’s getting dark but I’m not afraid of the dark.
It’s going to snow but I’m not afraid of the cold.
It’s getting windy but I’m not afraid of the wind.
Karl likes diving and swimming. (Picture 1.)
Andreas likes playing football. (Picture 5.)
Ingrid likes skiing. (Picture 3.)
Takahisa likes drawing and painting pictures. (Picture 4.)
Elaine likes playing baseball. (Picture 2.)
1 B
2 A
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