Вербицкая 4. Students Book. Unit 14

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feel, is, write (Present Simple Tense)
found, saw (Past Simple Tense)
will find, shall help, will happen (Future Simple Tense)
Kate’s got a headache. Sam’s got earache. The monkey’s got a stomachache. Beano’s got toothache. Professor Wallace has got a cold. Joe’s got a cough.
A. cough (все остальные слова — сложные, включающие основу ache)
B. cold (все остальные слова прилагательные с суффиксом -у)
C. bigger (все остальные слова прилагательные в превосходной степени)
Someone’s crossing the road in the wrong place.
Someone’s dropping litter.
Someone isn’t looking after his dog.
Someone is playing football near the road.
Someone is riding a bike dangerously.
Someone is opening the car door on the wrong side.
1 The ball will go on the road. (Образец.)
2 The motorbike will crash into the car.
3 The dog will cut its paw / the bottle will break.
4 The girl will fall off her bike.
5 The car door will hit the postman. / The postman will fall off his bike.
Текст 1. b
Текст 2. c
Текст 3. d
Текст 4. a
Same and Kate were inside the temple. It was dark there. Sam lit a fire.
Beano returned to the camp and found Professor Wallace. The professor saw a smoke signal. She ran to the forest and rescued them from the old temple.
They found some old painting on the wall in the temple. The first one was a picture of a beautiful girl. The girl in the picture had the orchid in her hand and she gave it to the young prince.
Then they found a picture of a rock. It looked like an eagle.
Now they are outside the temple and Beano is with Sam. But Joseph Alexander isn’t with them. They are a long way from their camp now. They are going to find the orchid and they will go to Eagle Rock. Who will find the orchid?
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