Вербицкая 4. Students Book. Unit 15

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Kate: What will happen now, Joe?
Joe: Well, Zack and Tex will go to prison. (4)
Sam: What will the professor do?
Joe: She’ll take one of the orchids back to her laboratory. (2)
Kate: What will you do?
Joe: Hm. I’m not sure. But I think I’ll stay in Indonesia and do some mountain climbing. (3)
Sam: What about us? What’ll happen to me?
Joe: You and Kate will go home. You’ll go back to school. (1)
Kate: Oh. And Beano too?
Joe: Well, no. Beano will go back to England, but he’ll have to stay in quarantine for six months. (5)
Sam: And Mr Big? What’ll happen to him?
Joe: Oh, don’t worry about Mr Big. Someone will catch him. (6) We must stop him stealing plants and animals.
Look at this! A crisp packet. I found it under the bench next to the lake. And here’s a cola can. That was on the grass in the middle of the football pitch. And here’s a muddy old comic. I found that under the tree next to the long flower bed. And here’s some orange peel. That was behind the fence next to the bus stop. And here’s a ticket. This was in the road next to the bus stop.
Claire dropped the comic.
Matthew dropped the cola can.
James dropped the orange peel.
Fiona dropped the crisp packet.
The park keeper found some litter in the park. First he found a crisp packet. The packet was in the middle of the football pitch. Then he found an old comic. The comic was under the tree near the lake. Then he found some orange peel behind the fence next to the bus stop.
1 true
2 false
3 true
4 true
5 true
A. animal
В. equipment
С. country (этими словами можно обобщить все остальные слова в данной группе)
Don’t throw away old comics. Take them to a paper bank. (Образец.)
Don’t throw away drink cans. Take them to a can bank.
Don’t throw away old clothes. Give them to poor people.
Don’t throw away old envelopes. Use them again.
Don’t throw away old toys. Give them to poor children.
Don’t throw away old yoghurt pots. Grow seeds in them.
Don’t throw away plastic bags. Use them again.
Don’t throw away glass bottles. Take them to a bottle bank.
[‘flɑʊə] — flour, flower
[ðeə] — there, their
[si:] — see, sea
new — это прилагательное, все остальные слова — существительные.
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