Вербицкая 4. Students Book. Unit 16

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Mr Big’s island is in the third column, second row from the bottom.
Interviewer: And now I’d like you to meet Kate Lewis, who helped to find a rare orchid in the rain forest. You had lots of adventures. Was it exciting?
Kate: Yes, it was very exciting.
Interviewer: Tell us your story, Kate.
Kate: Well, it all started when we received a message from Professor Wallace, telling us to contact Joe Alexander.
Interviewer: How did you receive the message?
Kate: On Sam’s computer. Sam’s my friend at school. So then we went to find Joe Alexander. Interviewer: And where did you find Joe Alexander?
Kate: At Kew Gardens. Then we went to the rain forest to help Professor Wallace find the orchid.
Interviewer: Now, we know that you and your friends found the orchid. Where did you find it? Kate: At a place called Eagle Rock.
Interviewer: You also helped to catch some of Red Hand Gang, I believe. How many of the gang did you meet?
Kate: Three — Zack, Tex and Polly Zap.
Interviewer: And did you see the leader of the gang, Mr Big?
Kate: No, we didn’t see him.
C, B, D, A, E
Present Simple: Beano has to spend some time in quarantine. Kate must go back to school.
Past Simple: Nikita’s uncle had to go to London and then to Indonesia to help them.
Future Simple: The police will have to look for Mr Big.
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