Вербицкая 4. Students Book. Unit 18

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The tyrannosaurus was the fiercest dinosaur. It ate meat. It killed other dinosaurs with its claws and its long, sharp teeth. It was twelve metres long and five metres tall. It weighed about seven thousand kilograms.
The triceratops ate plants. It was six metres long and three metres tall. It weighed about 8.500 kilograms. It had three horns. These
horns protected it from meat-eating dinosaurs. The stegosaurus also ate plants. It had plates on its back and spikes on its tail. It weighed about two thousand kilograms. It was three and a half metres tall and six metres long.
The iguanodon moved on two legs. It had spikes on its hands. It ate plants. It weighed 4.500 kilograms. It was nine metres long and five metres tall.
A. tyrannosaurus
B. triceratops
C. stegosaurus
D. iguanodon
(слева направо)
tyrannosaurus skeleton, triceratops skeleton, stegosaurus skeleton, iguanodon skeleton.
Longest: tyrannosaurus. (Образец.)
Heaviest: triceratops.
Lightest: stegosaurus.
Fiercest: tyrannosaurus.
Tallest: tyrannosaurus and iguanodon.
Smallest: triceratops.
A giant meteor hit the Earth.
The weather became cold all over the world.
The plants in the rain forest died.
The plant-eating dinosaurs died.
The meat-eating dinosaurs died.
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