Вербицкая 4. Students Book. Unit 2

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Prof Wallace: Hello! Му name is Professor Wallace. I am a scientist. I come from Malaysia. I’m 35 years old and my birthday is on May 4th. My hair is black and my eyes are brown.
Mr Freeman: My name is Mr Freeman. I’m English. I’m a teacher at Sam and Kate’s school. My birthday is on September 22nd.
Girl: How old are you?
Mr Freeman: Erm, I’m 30.
Joe: Hi! I’m American. I come from the USA. I’ve got red hair and green eyes. I’m 27 years old and my birthday is on January 10th.
Boy: What’s your name?
Joe: Oh, yes! My name is Joseph Alexander, but my friends call me Joe.
1 tall, short.
2 brown, green, blue.
3 brown, dark, black, fair, red.
4 thin, fat.
а) I am, I have got.
б) you are, you have got.
в) he / she is, he / she has got.
Professor Wallace is 35 years old. She’s got long black hair and brown eyes. Her birthday is on May 4th. She’s from Malaysia. She’s a scientist.
explorer, scientist, detective, chemist, engineer, journalist, traveller, astronaut.
I. OB: does, can, is.
II. СВ: what, who, where.
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